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My TV doesn’t output sound through the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT OPTICAL port

It requires you to put whatever phone you don’t want showing on the dashboard screen into Airplane Mode, and even then, the double tap didn’t always work in my tests. Nice as it is to have a unit that supports both types of phone, the Ottocast U2-X makes switching back and forth more hassle than it’s worth. Carlinkit’s U2W Plus, sometimes also called the Carlinkit 3.0, is one of the most advertised CarPlay-only dongles out there. The company also sells a combo CarPlay+Android Auto device called the 4.0, and the A2A for Android Auto-only use, among other devices.

Select yes, when the TV shows upgrade version x to y and then press enter. Your TV will turn off automatically after the completion of the software upgrade and again back on. To continue using the Samsung apps installed on your Smart TV, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest versions.

200+ Free Live TV Channels Tune in anytime, on any device. Create an emergency contact list that includes the people you want to contact in case of an emergency. The same contact list can be used for emergency features on both your watch and your phone. You can show or hide the completed reminders in any category.

Digital Report

Make sure you download the right firmware for your TV based on the model number and serial number. Using a USB stick to update your TV is simple but will require time. It may require you to download manuals and software to the USB stick.

  • Such other sites are maintained by third parties over which Plex exercises no control.
  • The TV won’t turn off, but it’ll turn itself off once the update is complete.
  • “The videos are usually such poor quality that they look sketchy on my 6″ phone screen, let alone a 40″ tv.”

If it’s been on mute for too long , it switches the sound output to the headphones. The only way to get the sound back is to turn the TV off and back on again. I’ve now given up on the “smart” part of the TV and waiting for a bug fix so I’ve changed the WiFi key without keying it into the TV. My Sky box does everything else I need (until I cancel the contract as that isn’t very good value for money with just endless crap and repeats).


They will help you in case none of the solutions in this article work. Unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Because considering how many tenth or hundreds of thousands of units that have been sold, this thread is very short. Sure, there are other places to read about this issue, but it does seem to happen to a very small minority. When there is only one file AP, select it in the PDA section.

Inside the Apps screen, select the Search icon from the top right corner. After the app has been removed from your TV, you can install it again by going to the ‘Apps’ tab on the Smart Hub. Inside the App screen, select the Settings icon from the top right corner. Inside the Apps screen, select the Settings icon by moving the cursor to the cogwheel icon at the top right corner.


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